What is Volleyball

volleyball is a sport where at least 6 players on each side is included. The game starts by serving the ball to the other team. If they make it, the rally begins and if they miss (out of bound, hits net, doesn't go pass the net) then they opposite team gets a point. When the serve goes to the other team, they can either pass, set or hit. Usually the order of volleyball is pass, set then hit. When a player hits the ball to the other side, the opposite team mates can block or receive. This repeats until the ball drops on the floor, hits the net, there is more than 3 touches in one team, or someone fouls.

Why I like volleyball

I enjoy playing volleyball because there is no running included. I hate running. In my opinion, running is the most boring sport i can ever play because there is no goal. A lot of sports include running like basketball, soccer, and cross country. Swimming is also not am option for me because I get really out of breath when I swim. In volleyball, the maximum amount of running is less than 5 steps. There is barely any running involved unless you have to run out of court to save the ball

Why volleyball is fun

I enjoy working as a team. Team sports helps me build my sportsmanship and gives me responsibility to practice more often. Since the team is relying on each other, I have to perform well in order to not disappoint them. Also, I realized if someone does good, the whole team does good.


Serving is a real challenge for me as well as spiking. I think I am pretty ok at serving in practice, but once I get to the game, I fail a lot of my serves. I think it is because I always think my teammates are relying on me and I get super nervous. Spiking as well is a challenge because I don't feel confident to try out new skills.

Easy skills

I think passing is the easiest skills because I just need a good base to Pass well. I need to be humble and keep a good base in order for my team to thrive at the game. Passing is very important because passing receives the serve. If the passer does not receive the serve well, then the whole team will have to suffer because of one serve.


Practice makes perfect! I think practicing for any sport or even instruments are the most important thing. Practice if where you can try out new stuff and reach your goals. Games are too risky to try out new things. Master a skill first in practice to show off your skills in the real game.